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Los Alamos Christian Church

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9:15 AM

Lifegroups For All Ages

10:15 AM

Donut & Coffee Welcome

10:30 AM

Morning Worship Celebration

6:00 PM

Youth Group (Mid & Sr. High)

the Harvest

Jesus told His disciples that the harvest was plentiful, but the workers were few. Then he sent them to harvest the lost sheep of Israel. He would later send them to harvest Samaritans, and after that the souls of the Gentiles. Those they “harvested” longed to have what happens in an authentic relationship with God, but until the workers arrived, they were lost. Their “lostness” meant that they had no idea how to find God, nor any clue that God was coming to them.

     In looking at these ancient lost people, we can learn a lot about the lost people of today. Little has changed. Despite the past harvest, the fields are sill plentiful. People are still seeking, longing for God, whether they realize it or not. And God is still looking for workers who will go to them.

     Join us on Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM for worship. Or come earlier at 9:15 AM and join a LifeGroup where we dig deep into God’s Word.

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New Opportunity to Serve on Sunday Morning

Our deacons have previously been focused on taking care of the “dec of the day” duties. They open up the building, got the refreshments ready, served communion, and closed the building up after services. We are redirecting our deacons to be “ministers of mercy” which is more in line with the Bible, so they will are now focused on serving to meet our member’s basic needs, and directing benevolent compassion to our community.

           The “dec of the day” stuff must still be done. We have divided up these duties into three new greeter positions in a new ’Hospitality’ Ministry. Anyone can be a greeter, even those who have been attending regularly but have not yet placed membership. We will train you. Use the links below to read the Greeter Job descriptions and sign up to be a greeter.


Greeter Job Descriptions              Greeter Sign Up List

November 3 - 6:00 PM

Fall Church Gathering


Bring a soup, bread or dessert to share as we fellowship and learn about the new opportunities to serve on Sunday mornings.

Christmas Caroling at the State Penitentiary


Nov. 3 - Deadline for turning in your background check information

Dec. 5 - Caroling at the prison.


Contact Tammy Hinckley if you have any questions.

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