The Christian Church of Los Alamos

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Los Alamos Christian Church

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9:15 AM

Bible Classes of All Ages

10:15 AM

Donut & Coffee Welcome

10:30 AM

Morning Worship Celebration

5:30 PM

Youth Group

Life Lessons


“Life Lessons” are those things we need to know in order to live well. Sometimes these lessons take the form of wisdom that is passed down from one generation to the next; sometimes they are insights gained from personal experiences; and sometimes they are proverbial in nature; but Jesus loved to teach life lessons by sharing a story.

     The ancients called them “parables,” which meant to “throw along the side of.” Parables were the “illustrations” employed to emphasize a teaching point. Sometimes Jesus tagged His parables with a clear teaching, but other times He left them open ended, telling His audience, “Let him who has ears hear.”

     These parables, while entertaining and enlightening, were meant to help us make good choices.