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Our Faith Promise Missions Weekend was a great success.


Thank You!



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92 East Road

Los Alamos, NM 87544

Phone: 505-662-6468



If you are searching for a place to worship and serve the Lord in Los Alamos, or if you are just passing through northern New Mexico and looking for a place to worship along the way, we invite you to join us at the Christian Church of Los Alamos.

We welcome all who seek the Lord

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The Fruit of the Spirit Is…



Got Joy? We experience happiness and satisfaction from time to time, but Joy, real Joy, is something that we can experience all the time. It is more than a positive disposition, it is how we experience life because of our faith in God.


Join us on Sunday mornings in March as we prepare ourselves to Rejoice!

Wednesday Night - Mar. 25th - 7PM

Dr. Matt Brock

GNPI Director of Development


Come meet and eat with one of our Missionaries


Dr. Brock is passing through New Mexico, and he contacted us to see if we might have time to let him give us an update on the missionary work being done through Good News Productions, Inc.


I told him that it was good timing since one of our youth updated the congregation last Sunday on Good News Productions. You may not normally attend our Wednesday Night Bible study, but I hope that you can put it on your schedule this week.


Our Wednesday Night Bible Study is a strict pot-providence, “Meet and Eat” format. We have to eat only what those attending bring. The Church provides drinks. We pray, fill up out plates, then study the Bible.


But this Wednesday night, Dr. Brock will share the good news.

9:15 AM

Bible Classes of All Ages

10:15 AM

Donut & Coffee Welcome

10:30 AM

Morning Worship Celebration

5:30 AM

Youth Group