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Online worship service

In compliance with our nation’s effort to slow the spread of CV19 we are not holding worship services in our building at 92 East Road. We have missed gathering for services in the past due to snow storms and fire storms and we will continue to thrive after this storm passes too. Until it does, we will provide you with weekly resources to worship at home.


You can stay connected with one another in a variety of ways - Phone calls, emails, texts, social media posts, etc… and I encourage you to do so. Remember, you may be physically distant from one another, but we can stay connected until we are able to meet again.


Here are some resources that you may want to use today. We do not want you to be an “audience” (online or when we gather). It is our prayer that these resources will prompt you to worship God, He is the audience when we worship.


                 Church promo video - Nathan Seirp produced this video to promote our weekly gatherings. He did a marvelous job.


                 Church Bulletin - Word   PDF


                 Prayer List with Devotion -  Word   PDF


Click on the links below to use a media resource to help guide your worship. Some are audio only, and some are video. None are “professional/”

Los Alamos Christian Church

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Sunday, March 22, 2020


We do not have a copyright license to stream our own arrangements and instrumentation of music online. But Mark Rayburn has selected the following songs. We included links to YouTube versions that you can watch (Sorry about the ads):


Opening Song - “Your Love Is Amazing” -


Welcome, Announcements & Opening Prayer


If you have a prayer request today, please use this link to send an email to the pastor. Please indicate whether this is only for the Elder’s prayer taime or can be shared over the prayer chain email list.


If you are a visitor, please use this link to send us an email with your contact information.


Scripture – John 10:37-38 (The sermon will address verses 22-42)


If I do not do the works of My Father, do not believe Me; but if I do them, though you do not believe Me, believe the works, so that you may know and understand that the Father is in Me, and I in the Father.” - NASV


Songs of Praise


Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)"

"Lovely Lord"

"I Will Be the Vine"


The Lord’s Supper: (We use grape juice and small pieces of unleavened bread, but you can use anything handy to remember Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection. Make it a special part of your worship. And remember, we are doing this together, even is separated!).


Communion Meditation - Use this link to hear Elder Jim Gross - No Worries

We prohibit no one from this act of worship, but ask that you examine yourself before you eat the bread and drink the cup, for in partaking you proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes again (See 1 Cor. 11:23-31, Mt. 26:26-28, Mk.14:22-24, Lk. 22:17-20).


Communion Song - “The Table of Grace”:


The Lord’s Tithes & Offerings - Use this link to use the directions on our electronic giving page

Offering Prayer / Offering (Your offering to the Lord can be made online through paypal, or you could put it in an envelope and send it through the mail to The Christian Church 92 East Road


Time of Prayer - Use this link to pray with Pastor Doug Partin. (Use the link above for the prayer list).


Children’s Moment - Use this link to watch Pastor Steve Bublitz (Watch to the very end!)


The Lord’s Message: The Easter Story – The Miracles


Use this link to read Pastor Doug Partin’s sermon manuscript

Use this link to watch Pastor Doug Partin’s sermon video

Use this link to listen to Pastor Doug Partin’s sermon audio


Invitation Song - “Come as You Are” -


Closing Prayer

We do not want you to be an “audience” (online or when we gather).

It is our prayer that these resources will prompt you to worship God. He is the audience when we worship.