The Christian Church of Los Alamos

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· Click on the links below to use media resources to help guide your worship. Some are audio only, and some are video.


· Worship songs link to YouTube videos. Sorry about the commercials, but you can skip them after a few seconds.


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Los Alamos Christian Church

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Online worship experience - April 19

Previous Worship Experiences: March 22, 2020    March 29, 2020    April 5, 2020    April 12, 2020

Worship (The Easter Story– The Doubt)


Opening Song -  “Nobody” (Casting Crowns)


Welcome & Scripture YouTube Link   Audio Link


If you have a prayer request today, please use this link to send an email to the pastor. Please indicate whether this is only for the Elder’s prayer taime or can be shared over the prayer chain email list.


If you are a visitor, please use this link to send us an email with your contact information.


Songs of Praise  YouTube Playlist Link


“Wide Open” - Newsong

“Fill the Earth” - 4HIM

“Steady My Heart”  - Kerri Job


The Lord’s Supper: (We use grape juice and small pieces of unleavened bread, but you can use anything handy to remember Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection. Make it a special part of your worship. And remember, we are doing this together, even if separated!).


Communion Meditation & Prayer - YouTube Link   Audio Link


If you are not familiar with communion. Please look up these Scriptures (1 Cor. 11:23-31, Mt. 26:26-28, Mk.14:22-24, Lk. 22:17-20).


Communion Song Remembrance” - Matt Maher


The Lord’s Tithes & Offerings - Use this link for directions on making your offerings


Time of Prayer - Pastor Doug - YouTube Link     Audio Link


Children’s Moment - Pastor Steve - YouTube Link    Audio Link


The Lord’s Message: The Easter Story – The Doubt - John 15:12-13


Pastor Doug’s sermon Manuscript


Pastor Doug’s sermon YouTube Link


Pastor Doug’s sermon Audio Link


Invitation Song Take My Life and Let It Be” - Leann Albrecht


Closing Prayer - YouTube Link   Audio Link


Closing Song -   Keep The Candle Burning - Point of Grace


He Is Risen! He is Risen, Indeed!

Sunday School - LifeGroup

For Children (Of all Ages)


             Pastor Doug tells “Jack Joins the Army” - A folktale on giving your allegiance to the King  - YouTube Link    Audio Link


For Adults of any age

             Pastor Doug teaches on the third chapter of “None of These Diseases” - Science is only 4,000 years late   YouTube Link   Audio Link