Every Member a Servant

The New Testament makes clear that the primary way Jesus interacted with others was by serving them (diakonia). Following His example, the early church became known as those who took care of one another's needs. Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to equip these believers in a variety of ways so that, together, they could express His love to each other and the world. That means every member is a servant, and as we serve together. we set an example for others to follow. 

Every Servant Working Together to Meet Needs

The Christian Church employs an organizational structure known as The Ministry Invovlement System to provide a means for our members to serve together. It is patterned after the Biblical example that reveals our standing as servants working together to accomplish God’s will. In seeking God’s will we have identified many different needs inside and outside of our congregation. Some needs are “continuing” needs, while others are only present temporarily. These needs vary from clipping the grass to evangelistic outreach, and cover everything in between. Organizing our God given resources to meet these needs has given rise to what we call ministry areas. A ministry area is determined by grouping common needs, and organizing servants to meet those needs.

Each ministry area has a Ministry Area Coordinator (or MAC). They oversee the effort to meet the determined needs. We currently have ten ministry areas: Administration, Adult Discipleship, Benevolence, Children, Community, Evangelism, Facilities, Hospitality, Missions, Stewardship, Worship, and Youth.

The MACs organize regular meetings to make certain our servants have the resources needed to meet the needs set before them.

As new needs arise, new ministry areas can be formed under the direction of the Elders.

If you become aware of a need, you should bring it to the attention of appropriate Ministry Area Coordinator so they can organize servants to take care of it.


Some members are called to the ministry of Deacon (diakonos). Deacons are members who exemplify servant leadership by caring for others in practical ways. They are our ministers of mercy. In particular, they lead our benevolence ministry by coordinating our efforts and resources to respond to those in need with compassion. They not only lead our efforts to support our members, but also our efforts to meet the practical needs of those not connected to our congregation.


Some members are called to the ministry of elder (episkopoi). They are men who desire greater opportunities to serve based on the gifts bestowed upon them through the Holy Spirit. This ministry sets the standard of servant leadership. They provide spiritual oversight and pastoral care to the members of our congregation, like a shepherd would his sheep. Elders lead the church through serving as teachers and preachers and pastors. They foster spiritual growth, protect against false teachers, visit the sick, pray for needs, deal with doctrinal issues, and express love and compassion.

Our paid pastoral staff are Elders who also serve as Ministry Area Coordinators. Pastor Doug serves as the MAC for administration and adult discipleship. Pastor Steve serves as the MAC for children and youth. They are also active in most of our other ministry areas as they are needed.