Mission Offering

Faith-Promise Offerings

You decide how much of your offering supports missions

By faith we trust God to supply our needs. We promise God to use a portion of our offering from His provision to support Mission work. The amount of our offering we direct to missions is up to each one of us.

Offerings that have no designation are placed in the Church’s general fund to support the work of our local Church. Designations, like that for “Faith-Promise Missions” are placed in the Missions fund.

Which means that the only portion of your weekly offering that is used to support missions is the amount indicated on the memo line of your check, or indicated on an offering envelope. For example, if your check is made out to the Christian Church for $450 and it is indicated on the memo line “$100-missions,” then $100 would be directed to missions and $350 would be directed to the general fund. You set the amount, not a board or committee.

100% of the funds you designate to missions is used to support mission work

When offerings are collected each week, 100 %those designated to missions is set aside into a separate missions checking account that is directed by the Missions Ministry to support

Each year, we remind the congregation during the month of May of the missions supported by their offerings.

promises to support these missions for another year. We do this by indicating on a faith-promise card the amount we hope to direct to missions, and whether we plan to do so weekly, monthly or on a one time basis. There is no personal information on the card, because we want your promise to stay between you and the Lord. We use the “tab,” which only has numbers, to determine how much we hope to receive so we can set the monthly support we hope to send to our missions.

The only reason we use cards is so our Missions Ministry can let our missionaries know how much support we hope to send their way.

The mission ministry’s budget from (June - May). Last year, we promised $2,400 in monthly support to the following missions, and have kept that promise. It was distributed this way:

Dallas Christian College - $100

Good News Productions Intl - $100

Emmanuel Christian Seminary - $100

Institute of Strategic Languages - $100

Cowboy Up International - $100

Hope Pregnancy Center - $200

Cookson Hills Christian Ministries - $250

El Porvenir Christian Camp - $250

Alba Mission Scotland - $300

The Christian Church Starters - $400

Haitian Christian Mission - $450

 We also used a portion of our “Faith-Promise” Missions offerings ($900 per month) to fund short term mission trips, special requests from our missions, send a Christmas gift to our missionaries, and started a new “Great Commission Scholarship” program (Thanks to a generous $6000 gift from the general fund).

We do not make a monthly gift to YoungLife, but we do provide them with space and utilities for their office in our Education Wing.

here are times when we will take up a special offering to support a mission, and the board will direct funds towards missions, which go above and beyond what it given to missions through faith-promises.

The missions ministry meets on every third Wednesday of each Month at 3:30 PM. You are encouraged to come to a meeting and find out how you can get more involved in supporting mission work.


“Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give,

not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

- 2 Cor. 9:7