Online Sunday School - April 26

For Children & Youth - “Delighting in and living out God’s Word!”

 Read: Psalms 1:1-6

For All Children:  “Whose Advice are You Following?”"

Older Children: “Driving Down the Right Path”

For Youth: “Psalms 1 Firmly Planted” (a homemade youth group video)


Whose advice are you taking?

Are you following the advice from God found in His Word?


Memorize Psalms 1:1-2

Have a quiet time this week with God and read the entire chapter of Psalms 1


For Children (Of all Ages)

Pastor Doug tells “Jack and the Silver Sword” - A folktale on facing the giants in your life - YouTube Link   Audio Link"


For Adults of any age

Pastor Doug teaches on the fourth chapter of “None of These Diseases” - Robber of 5 million brains - YouTube Link"