Online Sunday School - Feb. 14, 2021

Memory Verse: “Do everything in love.” I Corinthians 16:14


  1. Who are the people that you love? How do you love them?
  2. Do you have lots of things to do each day? Even in your busy days, take time and let the people know you love them!
  3. When you become a Christian, God is your best friend. How do you love God as your best friend?
  4. Do you have lots of things to do each day?  Even in you busy days, take time and let God know you love Him!

Preschool and Children song: “Song of Solomon (Raisin Cakes):


Children: “The Two Most Important Commandments”:


Youth: Bible Project: “Song of Songs”


"For Story Lovers of all Ages" has moved to a New YouTube Channel. Pastor Doug has collected all of the stories he has recorded to a new YouTube Channel called "Stories." You can listen to your favorite stories on this new channel any time.

For Story Lovers of All Ages (Be sure to subscribe to it when you get there)"

For Adults: GOOD NEWS According to the Gospel of Mark - "Walkabout Jesus" - Mark 7:24-37 - Pastor Doug shares the good news from the Gospel of Mark 7:24​-37. Jesus travels from Galilee to Tyre, then to Sidon, and back to the Decapolis. Unable to escape, even in these far reaches, what people were saying about Him. Despite His command not to talk, people can keep from doing so."

Join Us live through a video chat for our study of Mark on JitsiMeet. Just click that fuzzy image below. We gather to study every Sunday Morning 9:15 AM (MDST). You will be joining those who are onsite in the fellowship hall -