Online Sunday School - Jan. 10. 2021

Preschool: “Trust in God”


Children: “David on the Run”


Youth: “Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?”



  1. Are you a creation of God?
  2. Did you know that God loves us more than we can imagine!
  3. What are some promises God has given us when we are having a hard time like when people are giving you a difficult time? See this example web site for scriptures:
  5. Take time to pray to God and talk with your parents your feelings.
  6. Remember, when things seem out of control, God is always in control. 

Memory Verse:

“David continued to succeed in everything he did, for the Lord was with him.” I Samuel 18:14

For Story Lovers of all Ages has moved to a New YouTube Channel. Pastor Doug has collected all of the stories he has been sharing onto a new YouTube Channel called "Stories." It took most of the week, so I didn't record a new story, but I will have one for you next week. But, you can go back an listen to your favorite story. If it is missing, let me know.

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For Adults: GOOD NEWS According to the Gospel of Mark - "Hands On Jesus" - Pastor Doug teaches from Mark 5:21-43 on an occasion when Jesus reveals His power to heal and raise the dead, that those turning to Him would believe that He could also do the impossible in regard to the forgiveness of sin.=."

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