Online Sunday School - July 26

Preschool: “Kids Answer, ‘What is Love?’”:

Children: “Who is this for anyway?”;

Youth: “Authenticity”:

Children's Moment: “How do I Talk to God?” by Matthew White, summer intern:


  1. What are some ways you can show love to your family, to your friends, and neighbors?
  2. When you are being kind to someone, do you sometimes do it to get attention?
  3. As a family, can you create a Psalms 1:3 planner, each day pick one thing you can do together to plant yourselves as a family by the streams of water? (see youth video)
  4. As a family, how can you share Jesus’ love to you neighbors?

Memory Verse

Be careful! When you do good things, don’t do them in front of people to be seen by them. If you do that, then you will have no reward from your Father in heaven. Matthew 6:1

For Story Lovers of all Ages: Pastor Doug tells “The King's Daughters" - Pastor Doug tells a folktale that reveals the biblical imperative of rescuing the lost. YouTube Link"

For Adults - None of These Diseases - What do you see? Mud or Stars

Pastor Doug teaches from the 20th chapter of None of These Diseases on how to keep from overly internalizing stress. YouTube Link"