Online Sunday School - July 5

Preschool and Children: “Beatitudes” song with motions

Children: “The Most Famous Sermon of Jesus”

Youth: “The Beatitudes Explained”


  • Who taught them? [JESUS]
  • What are beatitudes? [Rules of happiness]
  • When were they taught? [1st century AD—about 2000 years ago, but still applicable today]
  • Where would you find the Beatitudes? [Matt 5:3-12; Luke 6:20-26]
  • Why are they important? [They summarize Jesus' teachings, represented by how he lived and how he healed sin, disease, and death.]
  • How are the Beatitudes constructed? [Each has a REQUIREMENT to be met in order to receive the REWARD]

Memory Verse: “Those people who know they have great spiritual needs are happy. The kingdom of heaven belongs to them.” Matthew 5:3

Children’s Moment: Happiness at the Amusement Park!"

For Story Lovers of all Ages

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For Adults - None of These Diseases - As Old as your arteries

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