Online Sunday School - June 20, 2021

For Preschoolers, Children, and Youth

“Be a Person of Integrity to Help Others!”

Memory Verse: 2 Corinthians 8:21

We are trying to do what is right. We want to do what the Lord accepts as right and also what people think is right.


  1. What is “integrity?”
  2. Am I an honest person?  
  3. Do what I believe show up in my actions with others?


For Preschoolers and Children:



For Youth:


The Gospel of Mark: Good News

Pastor Doug shares the good news as reported by Mark"

Join Us live through a video chat for our study of Mark on JitsiMeet. Just click that fuzzy image below. We gather to study every Sunday Morning 9:15 AM (MDST). You will be joining those who are onsite in the fellowship hall -