Online Sunday School - June 28

Preschoolers: “The Armor of God”:

Children: PursueGOD Kids “Armor of God:

Youth: “What You Never Knew about the Armor of God”:


  1. Why do we need spiritual armor? (To stand against the wiles of the devil.)
  2. What is it we fight against? (Against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.)
  3. Should we be afraid of this battle? (No, God will help us stand against evil. The powers of darkness will be defeated by God.)
  4. How does God help us in the battle against evil? (He gives us the weapons and armor we need to stand strong.)
  5. Why is it important that we that we put on our spiritual armor every day? (Without it we will be weak and easily defeated.)
  6. How can we use each piece of spiritual armor at home? At school? At church?

Memory Verse:   “Be strong in the Lord and in His great power.” Ephesians 6:10

Children’s Moment: “Put on the Armor of God

For Story Lovers of all Ages

Pastor Doug tells “Jack and the Golden Key” - Pastor Doug tells a folktale that reveals the biblical truth of how God always provides a way of escape from Satan's schemes. YouTube Link"

For Adults - None of These Diseases - The Alarm Response

Pastor Doug teaches from the fourteenth chapter of None of These Diseases on how our "alarm response" to stressors sets us up to have health problems if we don't respond to it God's way.. YouTube Link"