Online Sunday School - May 30, 2021

For Preschoolers, Children, and Youth

Bring Honor to Jesus! Live a Life of Self Control”

Memory Verse: “Be sure that you live in a way that brings honor to the Good News of Christ.” Philippians 1:27


Would you need to use self-control when these things happen to you? Would it be easy or hard? If it is hard, how could you make it easier?

  • Someone has just taken your favorite toy from you.
  • You have had one piece of cake and your stomach feels full. Someone offers you another piece.
  • You are alone in the kitchen and see an open bag of chocolate chips on the counter where you can reach it. No one will notice if you take a few.
  • Someone has just called you a mean name that hurt your feelings – now they are laughing at you.
  • You just received some discipline from one of your parents, now your brother or sister is smiling.

For Preschoolers: “On the Farm | Self Control”


For Children: “Self Control” 


For Youth: “Live a Worthy of the Gospel” 


The Gospel of Mark: Good News

Pastor Doug shares the good news as reported by Mark"

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