Online Sunday School - May 31

Check out our new Youth Ministry YouTube Channel. It has all the Children's Moments from our Online Worship in one place.


Preschoolers: “ Body Parts Song”"

Children: “Mr. Potato Head; One Body, Many Parts""

Youth: “The Body of Christ”"

After watching the video(s)

“Ministry” is people working together to help others know about Jesus and follow Him. 

Each person can be a part of a ministry. Everyone has a job to do! Each person can be a “body part” and do their ministry!


  1. What are the different ministries we do at The Christian Church? For example: Worship, Bible teaching, Missions, and what else ___?
  2. What ministry can you help with?
  3. What would happen if each person did their own thing and didn’t work together?
  4. Memorize: “ Be kind and loving to each other. Forgive each other just as God forgave you in Christ.” Ephesians 4: 32

For Story Lovers of all Ages

Pastor Doug tells “Old Man Jack” - A folktale that reinforces the golden rule. YouTube Link"

For Adults

Pastor Doug teaches on the ninth chapter of “None of These Diseases” - The Psychosomatic - YouTube Link"