Online Sunday School - Nov 1

Older Preschool: “Samaritan: Little Bible Heroes”


Children: “Click this Video Link!” What will happen?


Youth:   “ Parable of the Good Samaritan, explained verse by verse”        



  1. What are you curious about?
  2. What person do you know that has a need that you might be able to help, to show compassion? 
  3. Pray right now

 Ask God to help you to see the needs of people around you

 and to help you meet those needs.. 

Memory Verse: “My children, our love should not be only words and talk. Our love must be true love. And we should show that love by what we do.” I John 3:18

For Story Lovers of all Ages: Pastor Doug tells "Jack and the Kernel of Corn" - Pastor Doug shares a folktale that reveals the biblical truth that our actions here impact where we will spend our eternity."

For Adults: GOOD NEWS According to the Gospel of Mark - Pastor Doug teaches from Mark 2:23-3:6 which recounts Jesus' example of putting first things first, that people are more important than man made rules."