Online Sunday School - November 21, 2021

For Preschoolers, Children, and Youth

“The Widow’s Mite”

Memory Verse: “The wicked borrow and never repay, but the godly are generous givers.”  Psalms 37:21


For Preschoolers:""

For Children:"

For Youth:"


Online: Pastor Doug is beginning a new series on "Faith's Fundamentals." The first part of this series will look at what the Bible reveals about baptism. In this lesson we learn of Paul's concern that baptism is being used to divide people rather than unite them, and that those baptized are missing something in their relationship with God."

Onsite/LiveStream: Join Pastor Doug live through a video chat for our continuing study of the Good News from the gospel of Mark on JitsiMeet. Just click that fuzzy image below. We gather to study every Sunday Morning 9:15 AM in the fellowship hall at the church (MDST). You will join those who are onsite.