Online Sunday School - Oct 11

Preschool: “Go with the Good News Boots!”

Children: “Bucket of Worms!”

Youth: “How to Share the Gospel”

”5 Ways to *Effectively* Share the Gospel”


  1. How do you respond when your dad or mom asks you to do something that you want to do OR you don’t want to do?
  2. How do you respond to God, when you read His Word, the Bible?
  3. Who do you know who needs to hear the Good News of Jesus? A friend? A neighbor? 

Pray for them right now and ask God to help you share with them this week! 😊

Memory Verse: “Jesus said to the followers, “Go everywhere in the world. Tell the Good News to everyone.” Mark 16:15

For Story Lovers of all Ages: Pastor Doug tells Tom, Will and Jack build a Cabin - Pastor Doug shares a Jack Tale that reveals that some people will give you bad advice on purpose."

For Adults - GOOD NEWS According to the Gospel of Mark - Pastor Doug teaches from Mark 1:29-45 on Jesus beginning to call disciples and preach the good news in Galilee."