Online Sunday School - Sept 27

Preschool and Children Song: “Jonah – Belly of a Whale”

Children:  “Jonah”

Youth: “Jonah in the Belly of the Fish”:

Children’s Moments: 

Did Jonah “fear” God? If you missed last week’s Children’s Moment: “Fire! Do You ‘Fear’ God?”

What happens to Jonah when he is thrown overboard?  This week's Children’s Moment “Prayer in the Belly of a BIG Fish!”


The belly of the great fish was like a ‘time out’ chair for Jonah. God put him there because He wanted Jonah to turn from sin and return to God.

Jonah didn’t have a lot of choices of things to do inside the fish’s belly. He could no longer run away from God’s plan for him. 

  1. What did he choose to do?
  2. Can you think of what else Jonah could have chosen to do? 
  3. When we sin against God we need to cry out to Him and confess our sins. Do you have sin in your life that you need to ask forgivenss for? 

Be sure to thank God for hearing your prayer! Thank Him for forgiving you!

 Memory Verse:   “So I called to the Lord, and He answered me.” Jonah 2:2