Online Worship Experience - Jan 3, 2021

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It is the 10th day of Christmas, and the 3rd day of a new year.

Welcome to the worship service at the Christian Church of Los Alamos, NM. Our livestream is a "window" into our service. It is not a professional production, but it will bring you into our service until you are able to join us onsite. We are thankful to our volunteers who are providing this opportunity for you. The service is "live" so a recording of it will not be available until after the service has ended.

Click Here for Pastor Doug's Sermon Manuscript for 12-20-20. I recorded the video of this sermon from home this morning, but my very slow internet upload speed means it won't be available until late afternoon. I hope that you connect in worship with the livestream, and are blessed by Bill Redmond's sermon.

The Lord’s Tithes & Offerings - Use this link for directions on making your offerings