You are invited to a place where everyone is welcome. We look forward to meeting you.

You can expect to find people who love the Lord, but people who are not perfect.

You can expect to see people dressed differently. Some in a suit, some in jeans, some in a dress, some in shorts. We really don’t care, so wear what you like.

You can expect authentic worship. We sing, pray, study, make offerings, and take communion together.

Song selection and style vary each week, but the heart of worship remains focused on encountering our living Lord. The songs are led by a worship leader and their team of vocalists and instrumentalists. We use a variety of instruments - drums, organ, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, harp, piano, electric bass, keyboard, etc.. It all depends of the talents of those serving.

At 9:15 AM You can expect to find small group Bible studies for all ages scattered throughout the church building. They are open and friendly. Some are covering topics, others only the Bible.

At 10:15 AM You can expect to find folks standing around the church drinking coffee, eating donuts, dropping children off in the nursery, and visiting with one another.

At 10:30 AM You can expect to find everyone gathered to worship in the sanctuary, children included. After communion there is a children's message, and then they are invited to leave the service to have their own lesson during the sermon.

At the end, You can expect an invitation to respond to the message. When we leave, many stand around visiting, making plans to each lunch together, and parents are picking up their children.