Wednesday Night Live

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Bible Study - Every Week - 6:30 PM

Even when our Wednesday Night Live program is not meeting, we still meet to pray and study God's word together. We meet in the fellowship hall, and we study through a book of the Bible. Everyone is welcome to join us as we dig deep into the full counsel of God.

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Wed. Night Live Overview:

Dates: Our Winter/Spring Semester will begin in February

Times: 5:45 PM - 7:30 PM

Focus: Family, Food, Faith, & Fellowship

Food: The Church will provide the meal

Cost: Free

Regular Schedule:

5:45 PM - Dinner (Fellowship Hall)

6:30 PM - Small Groups (Children to Adults)

Fellowship Nights:

No regular small groups on these nights.

We will be together for a fun evening of "body life" fellowship

5:45 PM - Dinner (Fellowship Hall)

6:30 PM - Fun Fellowship for Everyone

Oct. 12 - All together for Family Fun Night

Nov. 16 - All together for Family Fun Night

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More about Wed. Night Live Small Groups

Infant to 2 year olds

Simple learning with play and care.

3-5 year old

Simple learning with play and care

1st through 6th graders - Steve Bublitz

"TeamKID" - Setting the pace.

Youth (Mid and Senior High) - Matthew White

The Christian Mind. How to think about yourself and the world God created.

Adults - Doug Partin

"Next Steps: Grow in your faith - Bible Basics" - A study of the Basic Gospel Message. Each night we will focus on a Bible story (OT and NT) that reveals a basic gospel truth. We will use "table talk" questions to stimulate discussion. This series will focus on truths about Sin, Redemptition, Law, Grace, Atonement, and Lordship.

Women Only - Sherri Bubltiz

"Elijah - Fire and Faith" - Every fervent believer longs to summon up the kind of boldness and faith that can stand firm. Join Priscilla Shirer as we study through the life and times of the prophet Elijah to discover how the fire on Mount Carmel was forged in the valley of famine. And how the emboldened, fiery faith you desire is being fashioned by God in your life right now

More about Dinner

Church provides the food - so you don’t have to cook!

It will be served "Buffet Style"

  • Everyone is encouraged to find a table.
  • Hand sanitizer will be at the front of the line, and everyone is to use it.
  • Food will be place in serving trays from the kitchen.
  • We will pray for the meal, then families with children will go first in the line.
  • Everyone will fill up their plates as they go through the line.
  • Each family will clean up their own table.

Help is always welcome!

Each week we will need some help

  • Youth set up tables and chairs: 3:00 p.m. 
  • Kitchen help - Early
  • Kitchen clean-up help: 6:00-6:30 p.m.   
  • Re-set Fellowship Hall: 6:15-6:30 p.m.

Thanks are always appreciated.

Thanks to the following cooks: Amy Justice; Tammy Hinckley; Kathy Anderson; Marci Partin.

Thanks to the regular setup/clean up: Youth Group, John Hughes, Lee Anderson, Ellen Ballard, Bob Nolen

What about you? How will you help?